Intercultural dating communication

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As you'll learn in some examples cited below, you can have the best of intentions but end up insulting people because you violate their norms for behavior.

The most obvious example of indirect, high-context communication is the all-purpose phrase “It’s not convenient,” ( 不方便).

Seward) at: [email protected] really easy to get off the plane, see familiar technology, clothes etc and erroneously conclude that "deep down everyone is the same". You might still disagree with a cultures approach, but it can help you understand that their rules and norms are just as valid as ours. Lets say a friend says: "Lets meet for coffee at ." What time would you arrive? Believe it or not, there are whole cultures that communicate in subtle, indirect ways that are often missed by people from direct cultures (like the U. -In Italy a man went to a wedding wearing a turtleneck shirt and a jacket.

The problem is that people raised in different cultures have been taught different values and norms of behavior and this leads to different communication patterns and beliefs. when we eat with our hands, we don't care if it is the left or right hand, but in the Middle East and Ethiopia, the left hand is the That approach is called "ethnocentrism" and its a really easy trap to fall into. An Italian professor said: "If the man objected so much to the wedding, he should have stayed home!

Intermarriage is believed to extend cross group interaction beyond the couple in the relationship, and create connections between the social networks to which each member of the couple belong.

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