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Chemsex Nationally,there are increasing concerns about the impact of recreational drug use on the transmission of HIV.There is growing evidence that sexualised drug use, or Chemsex, among MSM is significantly associated with higher sexual risk taking behaviours The recent Chemsex Study published by Sigma research found that a quarter of HIV positive MSM surveyed had chosen to engage in unprotected anal sex with men they believed to be sero - discordant (one in which one partner is infected by HIV and the other is not.) Condoms & Testing LGBT Foundation have been promoting free safer sex packs to gay, bi and other MSM for over 20 years to help bring down rates of new infections.Overall, the symbolism of the bee is actually a good thing: it show how strong and hardworking the city can be, especially in times of tragedy, like the Manchester bombing.Just got my Manchester bee tattoo in honour of the city and 22 souls that were lost and their families ❤️ We will not be divided by hate GOo JKux — lydia (@florianasliima) May 30, 2017 These tiny tattoos are discrete but powerful, giving off the message that everyone is banding together to form a “hive” of solidarity and support with the victims of the tragic bombing.It’s much more than a tattoo: it is showing that the city won’t hide in fear after there is a tragic attack or incident.The best part about these bee tattoos is that many people are donating the money made from the tattoos to the families of the victims.Although some of the deaths were parents waiting for their kids, many of them were also children and young people, some who were attending their very first concert.

Since it happened, 22 people have been confirmed dead, and many more are injured.

The past decade has also seen an increase in new diagnoses among younger MSM (15-24 years) This increase may be explained by an increase in HIV testing and ongoing high rates of transmission.

While there is a need for all men who have sex with men to continue to have easy access to condoms and lube when they need them ,there also needs to be other ways for men to help protect themselves and their partners against HIV transmission.

The terrorist attack claimed the lives of at least 22 people, mostly young fans, and many others were seriously injured.

Ariana quickly returned to her home in Florida after announcing she was “broken” and has stayed quiet since.

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