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BIGFLIX is a Reliance Entertainment owned movie on demand service in 2008. It allows users to stream or download movies at any time.It generates its revenues from subscription fees and does not rely on advertisements.US users can download desi movies legally (after paying though) while Indian users can rent them just like netflix. Magar Bas Itni Gunjaesh Hai Aapse Kal Agar Hum Dost Ban Jaayen ... Moreover, here it is very difficult to find DVDs of Hollywood movies. And to top it all.have free home delivery and pickup service too!! Also, you can watch Desi TV Serials and Video Songs for free! Amthalallaji, we are in cherished company of computer experts ... is one of the most popular India’s premium online website meant only for movies.BIGFLIX terms itself as a user’s 'Personal Blockbuster Theatre'.The portal offers a wide array of films, movie trailers and reviews on and about Indian entertainment.

It will now be available on Big Flix, an Indian video streaming service. It will have 1000 Malayalam Movies in the coming months as well. Bigflix technology provides a multi-screen experience to users who will be able to switch devices – smartphone to tablet to television and back – in the middle of a film.Register with to get all the latest Hindi news updates as they happen.Checkout this site: This is a desi equivalent of netflix. It's pretty hard to find DVD-quality movies online and I see that even their low def versions are near DVD-quality, that too for free. The movie collection is awesome, with people buying LCDs and Plasma TVs like never before, with people having nice home theaters, it is really a treat for those who dont want to go to crowded multiplexes. Khoob jalon aye duniya walo Hindustan humara hai...Watch movies online anytime anywhere without any interruption only with Bigflix.Here in Bigflix you can watch high-quality movies of any language.

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