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' It wasn't until my sister, Lois, came home very upset, that I learned of the horror of the fire at the school.The 8th grader that walked my sister to school, didn't make it.As we were trying to get away from the school I remember seeing huge firetrucks and hearing people screaming and crying. I saw fire trucks that I had never seen before flying down the street.

This has made it very difficult to comply with the Western-Judeo-Christian proscription.The extension of tolerance is notoriously selective, and necessarily selective, for if tolerance is mandatory, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech is forbidden, which is not very tolerant at all.Tolerance is not extended to the “intolerant” meaning not extended to those who prefer to cooperate with people who are cooperative, and who prefer to refrain from cooperating with those who defect. Official minorities and single women, and in particular minority single women, and in particular blacks, and in particular black single women, generally do not repay mortgages. So the enlightened tolerate Muslims blowing people up and raping infidel women, but do not tolerate whites hanging out with people who are inclined to pay their debts.Official tolerance is inherently and necessarily dangerously intolerant.Civilization is the advance of technical and scientific knowledge, and most importantly, social organization.

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