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If this is the first time you have submitted data in the collection, you will need to contact us to obtain valid login details.

In an email, please provide your name, telephone number and Training Organisation Identification Number (TOID) which was issued to you by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

You can choose the update method that you prefer for existing user forms.

When users first open a form that is based on your form template, the underlying form template file is stored in a temporary location on their computers. Among other things, the cached location allows users who are offline to be able to work with a local copy of the form template.

The main goal of preregistering one’s research is to make it easier for readers (and yourself) to distinguish between what the you set out to do (confirmation) and what was discovered along the way (exploration).

Share Point 2013 writes usage and health data to the logging folder and to the logging database.

You can use the Share Point Central Administration website to configure health data collection settings.

Despite its benefits, preregistration can oftentimes seem daunting and binding.

Researchers may have questions like, “What happens if I make a mistake in my preregistration?

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