Who is urijah faber dating

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just kicked off and UFC fighter Paige Van Zant is on the show this season.This gorgeous fighter has her fans wondering if this means that she could end up doing a fight during the show and Paige is now speaking out about how this could go down.The MMA media claims that the UFC has over-reached with its events schedule almost weekly.

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Northcutt (8-2) controlled the first round and was still in charge in the second when he got caught from behind by Gall, who scored the takedown and got Northcutt to tap out by a rear-naked choke at left.

The 22-year-old explained it as a fun way to jab with the media: “You have to play with the media sometimes.

They play around with my life so I’ve got to mess with them every now and then.

The year is a blur of cut and paste promos only swapping who is the 'pound-for-pound greatest fighter on the planet'.

But whenever we experience a break of a few weeks between fights I wonder how we ever coped in the days of one event per month.

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