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According to ESPN, Hamlin has not asked NASCAR if he can miss the race, but he assumes the sanctioning body would grant him a waiver, as it has done for other drivers who have missed races due to injury or other reasons. This was a blog based on one woman's thoughts, opinions and experiences involving NASCAR and Indy Car.

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Rumors are flying around that racing star Denny Hamlin is getting married to his long-term girlfriend Jordan Fish.As of February 20, 2015 this blog is no longer active. I was single when we met but I was talking to him and another guy and this other guy was so into me and would always compliment me and I just didn’t think really Denny liked me.Find out why & browse the archives by clicking here. He would make comments like, “Well, I like you” and I was like, “Really?? He was very reserved and he’s still like that but he comes out of his shell more. I remember the first time, it was after our second or third date and this was when things really started to click. Not exactly the style of the rest of the house, and definitely not "rich fancy" stuff as another poster commented. Ha Ha he got tricked twice by the same babymama wh*re. Maybe somebody married and with kids, that like Fish thinks "you don't have to be alone at the track". pregnancy is hard and traveling while pregnant can be make things more tiring. Maybe Denny didn't decorate it. The crib is 9 and other items came from target & west elm. Perhaps a Fox guy - camera time comes with a price. Something to think about.actually, i'm not paying that much attention cause i'm paying attention to tony's life, but that's good she is taking a break.

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