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On the bright side, Microsoft have listed every version of Photoshop going back to Photoshop 6 and 7 (pre CS) as being compatible with Windows 10.

Adobe makes fine products, but this cloud stuff is nonsense for the user, especially security-wise.

See the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in support site for more information and a complete listing of cameras supported by each version: isn't really "stuck" in the past.

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updating camera raw-74

updating camera raw-8

updating camera raw-36

The workaround is exactly what you proposed - using the free converter to DNG. If you get a new camera, you may also need to upgrade your Adobe software unless you want to change your workflow(use the free converter, stop shooting RAW, or use different software that does support your new camera).

That adds an extra step to the workflow (which might be possible to automate), and I'd lose the original RAW file (because I don't want to keep twice the file size).

So, is it possible to teach the new file formats to Lightroom 4 as well?

It's a sad day for owners of Adobe's Creative Suite 6, as the company announces its upcoming Camera Raw 9.1.1 update will be the final version available for the software.

While Cloud subscribers will continue to receive Camera Raw updates, those who license CS6 must either make do with the cameras and lenses supported as of v9.1.1 or use DNG converter for support for Raw files from newer equipment. While DNG converter will make it possible to work with Raw files from cameras not supported by ACR 9.1.1, it will not provide new lens profiles for CS6 users.

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